Black Community Wants Blood in Oregon

Black Community

Reacting to a video of activists taking over federal lands in Oregon, commenters on “World Star HipHop” collectively claimed that no action is being taken against the activists due to “white privilege.”

Here are just a few of more than 4,000 comments on the matter:

Leroy Jetson: These guys are homegrown terrorist. The people they claim to be defending don’t even support their cause. These are white supremacist terrorist who are using the Hammond families cause to launch an attack against the federal government

Socrates_1: If they were Black or Brown you’d be demanding the authorities act NOW, not waiting them out.

Boogie7221: Lube up a drone and run it sideways up their asses!!
& no one better complain cause this is exactly the type of thing that would be said if it wasn’t a bunch of good Ole boys!

BeardedBeast: If they were black they would’ve all been dead

DaF*ck: If they were ANY ethnicity other than WHITE this would have played out differently. (negatively). FACT. F*ck the privilege.

Jayfrom415: White privilege

WorldStarHipHop, known for posting videos of street fights and general thuggish behavior ranks in the top 500 of most popular Web sites in the United States.