Biden plunges in another poll


Joe Biden is essentially tied with President Donald Trump–according to the latest poll from legendary pollster Scott Rasmussen.

Rasmussen’s poll, conducted with Just the News, shows that Biden now leads Trump by a paltry 4 percent.

Biden wins just 43 percent of the vote, compared to 39 percent. 9 percent of voters are undecided and 8 percent say they’re supporting a third-party candidate, including Libertarian Justin Amash, who dropped out of the race after the poll was conducted but before it was published.

“It’s important to note that this is slightly different than the first JTN poll of the race – we added Justin Amash as a Libertarian candidate (he dropped out just as the survey was wrapping up). So, unless someone new enters the race, our next survey will return to the earlier format,” Rasmussen said. “While Amash impacted our poll results, it is not clear that his dropping out of the race will change the underlying dynamics. A number of voters are looking for a third party option and that’s not going to change.”

Rasmussen also that this poll shows a huge shift away from Biden–and it could stem from growing problems around sexual assault allegations that were first lodged against him in March.

“Of particular note – especially given the allegations against him – is that Biden’s lead among women has fallen from 20 points in our first poll to nine points today,” Rasmussen said.