Biased, Politicized Kate Steinle Verdict Wakeup Call For Many

Donald Trump
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After the shamefully partisan verdict in favor of an illegal alien over the murdered kate Steinle, President Trump addressed the nation directly. He strongly condemned sanctuary cities, and urged lawmakers to turn their attention towards “the safety and well-being of our nation’s citizens.”

A 32-year-old woman, Kate Steinle, was murdered in San Francisco in the summer of 2015, by Jose Zarate. Jose is a convicted murderer who had previously been accused and deported 5 times before the murder of Kate Steinle. The trial incensed a national level buzz about the sanctuary cities and their denial to enforce the federal immigration regulations.

Observers of the case had been criticizing San Francisco – a sanctuary city – for their work with the federal immigration authorities and said that if the city was more cordial with the federal authorities the accused would not be present in the country, and would not have killed Kate.

“In the Sanctuary States and Cities, innocent Americans are at the mercy of criminal aliens because state and local officials defy federal authorities and obstruct the enforcement of our immigration laws,” Trump, in his weekly speech, said. “No American should be separated from their loved ones because of preventable crime committed by those illegally in our country. Our cities should be Sanctuaries for Americans—not for criminal aliens.”

A jury on the 1st of December had given the verdict, to the Kate murder as not guilty, in the trial of murder, and involuntary manslaughter, while they convicted him for keeping a gun with him and the illegal possession caused Zarate a sentence of just 3 years in prison. This verdict of the Jury was met with rage and protests from every corner of the nation.

“Last week, in a final injustice, Kate’s killer was acquitted on all of the most serious charges—yet one more reason Americans are so upset by Sanctuary Cities and open border politicians who shield criminal aliens from federal law enforcement and all of the problems involved with the whole concept of a sanctuary city. They’re no good,” Trump said, protesting against the verdict too.

After the final verdict, the Federal Government leveled charges of Felony and possession of a gun, on Zarate. Another immigrant with possession of a firearm. The Federal Immigration authority further said that they are hopeful for successfully attempting to permanently deport Zarate.

The President also protested the verdict on his Twitter account and said that the verdict was ‘disgraceful’ and said that “no wonder the people of our Country are so angry with Illegal Immigration.”

On this weekly address, however, he slammed the Democrats in the Congress too, he said that the Democrats were unfair to challenge the Government on DACA issue while the immigrants in the country continue to harm the peace of the nation, which forces the federal authorities to not take proper actions against criminals, like Zarate.

“Unfortunately, Democrats in Congress not only oppose our efforts to stop illegal immigration and crack down on Sanctuary Cities—now they are demanding amnesty as a condition for funding the government, holding troop funding hostage and putting our national security at risk,” Trump had said. “We cannot allow it.”

“People can have different views on the technical details of budget policy or transportation, but no one who serves in elected office should disagree that our highest priority must be the safety and well-being of our nation’s citizens,” concluded Trump.