The Based Stick Man: Trump Supporters Hit Back

Over the weekend in Berkeley California, supporters of Donald Trump came out of hiding to rally and show their support for the new Commander in Chief.

The supporters, young and old, gathered in peace with no intention to riot, fight with police or initiate violence.

But that didn’t stop hordes of liberals who showed up to beat anyone wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat or shirt.

63 year-old retired engineer Mike Cox attended the rally with this wife and they were both attacked. Cox told the local ABC affiliate, “I got punched in the neck. I got punched in the back of the head.”

Only ten were arrested out of the hundreds of liberal counter protesters who were assembled, some of them brandishing shields and clubs.

One of the first to be arrested by the Berkeley Police was, you guessed it, a Trump supporter.

His name is Kyle Chapman . . . and he is now a legend.

Chapman came prepared for the violence and attended the rally wearing a helmet and a respirator while carrying a shield and stick of his own.

Emblazoned on the shield was an American flag.

They are calling him the “Based Stick Man” or the “Alt-Knight.”

When elderly Trump supporters were thrown to the ground in front of him, Chapman didn’t hesitate to jump in and protect them.

But that’s when the crowd of “Antifa” (anti-Fascist) protesters turned on him and others, and to defend himself, Chapman had to organize and fight his way out . . . and, yes, some skulls were cracked in the process.

Chapman was charged with carrying a concealed knife, the illegal use of tear gas, assault with a stun gun, assault and rioting.

He is facing six felony convictions. Over $71,000 has been raised for his legal defense.

To see the Based Stick Man in action, watch the video above (skip to 1:20 to avoid the silly intro).