Baltimore Prisoner: “Freddie Gray Injured Himself!”


In a shocking new revelation, a Baltimore prisoner–who shared a transport van with Freddie Gray–told investigators Gray “was intentionally trying to injure himself.”

Gray, of course, is the 25-year-old man who died in police custody in Baltimore, after having his spinal cord severed. His death has been the subject of the riots that have destroyed large chunks of Baltimore’s inner city, and left dozens hospitalized, including police officers.

The Washington Post was the first to obtain the police document where Gray’s van-mate made his statement.

The fellow prisoner–whose name has been kept anonymous, due to fear of backlash in jail–couldn’t see Gray, since they were separated by a partition, but he could hear Gray “banging against the walls” in what he figured was an attempt to injure himself, presumably in an attempt to frame cops for brutality for money or for leniency.

One of the attorneys for Gray’s family, Jason Downs, rejected the statement: “We disagree with any implication that Freddie Gray severed his own spinal cord. We question the accuracy of the police reports we’ve seen thus far, including the police report that says Gray was arrested without force or incident.”

No charges have been filed against the six Baltimore police officers near Gray during his arrest, van ride, and hospitalization. But all currently been suspended as the city investigates what happened.

Despite the riots and the media evidence, this new evidence, if true, proves that, when it comes to race issues, things aren’t always so black and white.