Apple Removes Christian Holidays From iPhone

iPhone Calendar
"Merry [CENSORED], Steve Jobs!"

Apple’s most recent update for the iPhone has removed Easter Sunday and Good Friday from users’ calendars.

Other U.S. holidays—such as Indigenous People’s Day, April Fools Day, and anti-slavery holiday Juneteenth—still appear.

According to users on Apple Forums, as reported by Breitbart, the missing Christian holidays wasn’t a glitch—but was done as a way to purposely remove the holidays from the calendar.

“All other Holidays, including ‘religious’ holidays, are included on the US Holidays calendar, but not Good Friday or Easter,” said the user “vanessafrompineville.” “I thought, well, April Fool’s day is listed and it falls on the same day as Easter this year, maybe it was just a glitch and slipped through the cracks. I then followed up on the Apple Forum for an answer and I tried the suggestions to include a different US Holidays calendar. To no avail.”

“I then called Apple, the first service rep I spoke with was sorta rude and dismissive but she forwarded me to someone who has been very helpful,” they continued, adding, “He had not been aware of the omission and sent a service inquiry. He phoned me back and sadly to him, informed me the response he received was, the calendar is as it should be and Apple decided to omit Good Friday and Easter from the US Holiday Calendar which is supplied on its products.”

She added: “This makes absolutely no sense.”

Apple has not yet publicly responded to whether or not the removal of key Christian holidays was done intentionally.