Antifa Now Assaulting Christian Prayer Groups

Prayer Group
Dear God, what is going on?

Antifa thugs stormed downtown Portland on Sunday, clashing with members of Patriot Prayer, a First Amendment advocacy group. These events come almost a year after a similar violent clash which led to more than a dozen arrests.

Reports said that most Antifa operatives in the city were in black-block, covering their faces in other words. Weapons like knives and clubs were on display. Some protesters threw bottles or fireworks at police, according to tweets from the Portland Police department.

Patriot Prayer had organized a farewell rally for 5:00 PM, to send off member Tusitala John Toese, who was a close associate of the group’s leader, Joey Gibson. Tusitala Toese is an American Samoan, a very big man nicknamed “Tiny” by his fellow activists. He has been arrested several times for disorderly conduct during fights with Antifa at rallies across the country.

The event was to be called “Tiny’s Freedom March,” in honor of Toese. The Rose City Antifa, one of the more active Antifa groups on the west coast (not a surprise, Portland has been a squawking leftist sinkhole for quite some time) scheduled a counter-rally for 4:00 PM.

Reportedly they were looking to “show Patriot Prayer, just as we showed them last year, that their violence and hatred has no place in Portland.”

Yes. That makes sense. The way to show that violence and hatred have no place in your city is by chanting “Fuck the police” and throwing rocks and bottles at people.

Perfectly logical.

These leftist children live in a manufactured postmodernist fairy-land, where everything right and good is right and good because they believe it to be. Anything they disagree with is evil, and any action is justifiable in their eyes in order to squash that evil.

They lack any ethos, and system of real beliefs. The simplicity of their worldview boils down to “my tribe” versus “their tribe”. Ask a member of Antifa why they think Nazis are evil. The answer you get will always include some combination of two or three arguments: that violence is wrong, that discrimination against anyone is bad, and that racism is evil.

If you respond that Antifa’s own behaviors regularly involve at least two of the three things they claim to abhor, then you will probably be labeled a Nazi, and you’re going to get beaten up for sure.

And the problem of Antifa is only getting worse. At yesterday’s rallies, there were reportedly about 30 Patriot Prayer members gathered.

The Antifa presence was much larger. They were burning American flags, chanting, and eventually fights broke out between the two groups.

The groups opposed by Antifa are not growing at the same rate. Perhaps this is because the leftist media has successfully portrayed groups like Patriot Prayer as radicals, and regular conservative and pro-Trump people don’t want to affiliate with groups that are (sometimes rightly) branded as radical nutjobs.

But on the other side of things, the modern left loves to be thought of as radical. When the media portray Antifa as radical peace-breakers, it probably increases recruitment for these groups. People joining these Antifa attacks are doing do because, like the radical leftist youth terrorists of the 1960s, they do not care to be judged by the standards of conventional society.

They have their own, self-focused code of ethics. Anyone who doesn’t look or think like them is a Nazi in their eyes. And Nazis get punched. It’s as simple as that.