Anti-Trump PAC Spreads Inappropriate Ad Of Trump’s Wife

Trump's Wife

Donald Trump may have been agitated before with the words of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, but now, an anti-Trump PAC has his golden hair on fire.

The group, Make America Awesome, decided to run the following ad that showcased Melania Trump from an old pictorial in GQ magazine. Trump’s wife was wearing nothing but jewels and a sultry look.

The accompany text read, “Meet Melania Trump. Your next First Lady. Or, you could support Ted Cruz on Tuesday.

The ads, which only ran to 10,000 readers in Utah, have received far more coverage than their original budget.

While the group lead by a woman named Liz Mair touts the ad as contributing to Cruz’s strong results in Utah, they could have done the opposite.

Most red-blooded Americans would shout a resounding “Yes!” to the question of having a new First Lady who is both hot and classy.

Trump immediately reacted to the ad by posting on Twitter:

The GOP frontrunner may be referring to Cruz’s wife, Heidi, and her mental breakdown years ago that led police to take her into custody after she was found on the side of a highway sobbing uncontrollably. She was said to be a danger to herself by authorities. Regardless, Mair is doing all she can to hound the Trumpster with a barrage of Tweets:

But Mair is also taking a beating from Trump supporters, to the point that she is now threatening THEM with arrest: