Alt-Left, DisruptJ20, Stands Down from Terrorist Attacks After Exposure

The group of anarchists and socialists committed to disrupting the inauguration of Donald Trump have “scaled back” operations after their plans were exposed by undercover journalist James O’Keefe and his group Project Veritas.

The group, that had planned to release butyric acid bombs (similar to the ones used to shut down Japanese whaling ships), at the “Deploraball” Thursday night and even plotted to chain Metro rail trains in a dangerous attempt to disrupt transit have considerably narrowed their scope.

Last night, they announced that they would only be protesting at one bridge, likely the 14th Street Bridge that connects to 395 and is five bridges in one.

However, minor, childish disruptions are still occurring outside of Washington D.C. like the a “cough in” at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

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