F Your Flag

F Your Flag

Donald Trump has captured the media’s attention this election season, but his protestors are making headlines for disrespecting America and saying, “F Your Flag”.

Protestors from the group “F Your Flag” made sure they lived up to their name over the weekend by stomping and standing on the American flag to somehow protest Trump and racism.

The group showed up at two events in Wisconsin over the weekend and stood proudly on the flag to protest Donald Trump.

The unpatriotic display caused many who have military family serving or who have died in the defense of our great nation to stand up to the protestors and demand them to pick up the flag. The group did not.

Stomping, standing, burning flags in protest is nothing new.

This veteran was dumbfounded by a group of protestors who were stomping on the flag and she was arrested for defending trying to defend the symbol of our nation.

The issue isn’t freedom of speech, it is the intentional goal to try and make people angry and cause a reaction.

Right now Trump fans are being called every name in the book along with Trump himself, and it is clear that people who disagree with him are trying to cause problems.

The protestors are more concentrated on eliciting a negative reaction from Trump supporters and catching it on video than they are about peacefully conveying their message.

A protest should be about making a stand, not trying to knock someone else down. Freedom of speech should allow for people to use the American flag as a symbol for protest, but we shouldn’t have to stomp on it.

The lack of civility in this election year is dragging our country down.

More acts of incivility by protestors are going to be seen as thousands of angry protestors are invading Washington DC this week for Democracy Spring, an event funded by George Soros and about 18 other far left organizations.

The Democracy Spring event is asking people to sign up to protest with the plan of getting arrested.

The real question is, how many American flags are going to be stepped on in Washington this week?

What’s your guess? We’re going with 108.

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